Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions about wedding dress cleaning & preservation

Q1. What is Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners and what do you do?

Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners, a specialist division of Quality Dry Cleaners is a wedding dress preservation company located in Sydney with our head office in Gladesville. With decades of experience we are the best choice you can make for your wedding dress cleaning.

Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners cleans and preserves your wedding gown to be saved and stored for years to come. As preservationists, we may perform small repairs on gowns but we do not offer tailoring / alterations services. Please refer to our “Services-Page” for more information about what we offer at Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners.

Q2. Where is Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners located? Do you have multiple locations?

Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners has two cleaning shops (Gladesville, and Five Dock) and a pick up & delivery service around selected Sydney areas.

We first ask you to arrange a wedding dress dry cleaning quote on this website. Then you can determine which of our locations is most suitable to drop off your wedding dress. Or alternatively we can arrange a pick up & delivery to your location if within our regular Sydney routes.

Q3. What is the typical turn-around time to clean and preserve a wedding dress?

For a wedding dress cleaning service, we can perform the service within a week if it is urgent. However the standard turn around time for cleaning is 4-6 weeks. Please make note any required turnaround times when you request a quote and we will do our best to fulfil them.

We can clean a wedding dress within a few days when necessary! In very special circumstances, we are able clean a wedding dress in under 2 weeks as a rush service. Please not that any rush services will attract a higher quote charge.

Q4. How much does it cost to have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved?

We require an initial review of your wedding dress & requirements to clean to give you an accurate quote.

No two wedding dresses are made the same, which means that wedding dress cleaning is different every time. We require you to provide the details of your wedding dress on our online quote form first. Then we will respond to you as soon as possible with a personalised quote.

Pricing is generally split into two categories: “Wedding Dress Cleaning” and “Wedding Dress Preservation”.

Please keep in mind that certain fabric types, level of dirtying and repairs, design / construction of a wedding dress can affect the average range of your cleaning and preserving price.

Q5. How do I get my gown to Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners for my free in-house review and quote?

It is important to Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners to provide seamless service to both our brides across Sydney. We currently provide 3 options for brides to send their wedding gown to Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners:

Drop off/Pickup –It is as easy as stopping by one of our two stores located in Gladesville and Five Dock. 

Pick Up & Delivery Service – Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners does offer a free pick up service from your home or office if part of our regular driving route. Please make it known at the time of requesting a quote to see if this option can be made available to you.


Q6. I need my wedding dress pressed before my wedding. Does Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners offer this service?

We are happy to offer a pressing service to clients. Please make contact with us to arrange.

Wedding dresses are able to be pressed by dropping them off to our Gladesville or Five Dock stores. Please check on timings to ensure that we can complete the pressing well within when you require your wedding dress back to wear.

Q7 . I would just like for my gown to be just cleaned & not preserved). Can that be done?

Yes of course! We will ask of the purpose of getting your wedding dress cleaned at the time of quote. There are three reasons for cleaning – preservation, re-purposing for future wear or potentially re-selling. Our recommendation and quote to clean your wedding dress will very much depend on this.

Please complete the form and simply mark that you would like your wedding dress cleaned but not preserved. You can also make any additional comments at the time of completing the free quote form.

Q9. Once my gown is preserved how is my gown packed? Is there a special or unique box that you use?

We use the highest quality garment storage box for your wedding dress.

Wedding dress cleaning is only part of the job done. By choosing a specially designed, quality box your wedding dress will be preserved in excellent condition.

Q10. May I preserve other items with my wedding gown? Like my veil or headpiece?

Of course! We often get requests to preserve vails, headpieces, petticoats & handerchiefs.

Simply make it known when you complete the initial wedding dress cleaning form that you have other items that you would like included with your wedding dress for cleaning and/or preservation.

Q11. Once my gown is preserved, may I open my Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners Wedding box to view my gown from time to time?

A resounding “YES!” Brides often worry that by opening their preservation box this will ruin the preservation of their wedding dress. This is simply not the case.

You can open & view your wedding dress anytime when you receive it back from us. We recommend that you wear white gloves to protect the garment from any oils or stains. Once you have viewed your wedding dress, please ensure you re-store the packaging and box to how you received it back from us to ensure on-going preservation.

Q12. How is your process different from other wedding dress cleaners?

Our specialist team is dedicated to wedding dress cleaning. The Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners process is characterised by an committed focus on proper preservation materials, a passion for stain removal and a focus on excellent communication & customer service.

With hundreds, if not thousands of wedding dresses cleaned over our lifetime of operating, we are the trusted choice dealing with all types of gowns. Our team are highly trained to work on the most challenging of fabrics and stains. Our service is one that is simple, convenient and free of stress for our bride customers.

Q13. Do you have on-going storage fees?

Yes. We have a $20/month storage fee policy for dresses that remain with us i) 1 month past the completion date at our shop and ii) we have contacted you multiple times about a pick up or to arrange delivery. If you have any questions about this storage policy please make contact with us prior to accepting our quote.

Q14. What are your credentials as a business and do wedding dress boutiques & designers often refer you?

Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners is backed by Quality Dry Cleaners, with decades of experience. We are constantly referred by wedding dress boutiques and wedding dress designers Sydney wide.

We are in constant contact with wedding dress designers to understand the latest dress trends, so we can update our cleaning processes and techniques. As a result of your quality cleaning & high levels of customer service, we are often referred by many wedding dress partners.

Q15. What is the Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners guarantee?

At Quality Wedding Dress Cleaners, we 100% guarantee that your preserved wedding dress if correctly stored will not caramelise over time.

At any time in the future, if a past customer of ours has a gown that requires re-cleaning, we will clean and preserve the gown at no charge.

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