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Home Pickup Service & Coordinated Return Shipping

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Pickup Route Southern California

Los Angeles

1st & 3rd Saturday Mornings
Pickup Window: 7am to 9am
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Orange County

2nd & 4th Saturday Mornings
Pickup Window: 7am to 9am
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How the Home Route Pickups Work

The home route pickups are “free or charge”.  YES!  They are just for our brides convenience. Isn’t that amazing!?!?  The routes operate on Saturdays, normally between 7:00 – 9:00am.

First, we will need an ORDER FORM on file for you to put you on the route.

Second, email us at: [email protected] or call/text 800-539-9092  to make sure you are on the schedule. The calendars below should clearly indicate what days we will be in your area, but we are happy to answer any further questions by phone.


Items you want cleaned or cleaned and preserved should all be “inside” your boutique garment bag including your dress, veil and any other items. So, if you purchased from Vera Wang, please include all your items inside your Vera Wang bag.

PLEASE put your name ON the bag or INSIDE the bag. ?

We will “re-confirm” via text, typically a few days before the route, that the Saturday you chose still works for you. Please try to let us know if you head out of town!  The morning of, we will send a text reminding you to put your name on your boutique bag, and noting that we will send you another text when we have a better ETA of arrival.  When we are closer to your stop, we will send a text with a more exact ETA.   We will come right to your home, but we ask that you come to the front door or to street level to meet us.

We will send a company email stating that your bridal items are with our team in-store, once we are back at the shop.

Your quote will typically be ready the following Monday by email.  It’s that simple!

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